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Annotation. Annotation is an effective reading strategy and one particularly useful to college students who must grapple with dense academic texts. The strategy involves reading with pencil in hand and includes a variety of marking techniques that range from underlining and highlighting words and passages to writing notes
Annotation Tips. 1. Make brief notes at the top of the page or on sticky notes to mark important plot events. 2. If you are having difficulty understanding, stop and read again. Sometimes it is helpful to break a difficult passage or even sentence down into parts and try to understand it a little at a time. It is okay to do this.
Why Annotate? Annotation is the marking of a text to identify important information and to record your own responses to the text. When we annotate, we are not just reading a text but interacting with it. This interaction can not only improve our reading comprehension and engagement with the text, but also provide us with
Encourage your students to improve their close reading skills by teaching them to annotate text with this simple sticky-note procedure. This single-sheet handout gives examples of rich and weak annotated comments along with helpful suggestions to guide students who aren't sure what they should be writing about when
Annotation Handout. Annotation (creating meaningful notes) ensures that we actively read a text rather than passively allowing words to bounce off of our faces. Read with a pen, pencil, and/or sticky notes in hand, marking important passages. Make notes in the margins. Communicate with the text; bring its ideas to life.
Annotation Guidelines. Annotation will help you locate information quickly and determine key elements of the text you have read. Annotation requires that you read a text multiple times. In follow-up reading, mark the text and take notes that will help you when you begin to write your final piece of writing. Before you read the
Annotation Symbols. While reading, annotate your text using the symbols below ? Use a question mark if something you read raises a question in your mind or is confusing. *. Use a star near something you read that seems important or key to the main idea. Circle unfamiliar or confusing words. Use a check mark when the
A handout that explains the steps followed for annotating poetry lines. This Annotation Guide includes guidelines for identifying the technique used by the poet in conveying the message.
... Assignment 161 Annotation Questions for Domestic Violence Abusers Article 161 Writing an Annotation, Class Exercise #1 163 Annotation Questions forAlcohol-Impaired Driving Article 163 Writing an Annotation, Class Exercise #2 167 General Questions forWriting an Annotation 167 Writing an Annotation, Handout #1

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